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About Us


The mission of Gennatos Family Dentistry is to develop a lifelong relationship with patients and make a lasting impact on your dental and total health. We focus on excellence through the most advanced technology, continuing education and customer service.


We can diagnose and treat complicated dental cases as well as take care of your routine exams and care comfortably, conveniently and as your schedule demands. Our team is highly skilled with patients of all ages, from pediatric patients to older individuals who may need more advanced care. 



Using the latest in dental innovations, we provide a conservative dental approach to meet our patient’s individual needs.


Dr. Fotene Gennatos, DDS, brings over 20 years of experience to her practice in the areas of general, pediatric and sedation dentistry. For the greater part of her career, she served her hometown of Sioux City, Iowa, until 2019 when she acquired her own dental practice in Storm Lake, Iowa.


Dr. G began her professional education as an undergraduate at the University of Iowa and continued her dental training at the College of Dentistry in Iowa City. Following completion of her doctorate and while in private practice, Dr. Gennatos completed a specialized training program at the University of Oregon Health Sciences Clinic in Portland to receive her dental anesthesia and sedation certification. Dr. Gennatos completed several programs and study clubs through the Spear Institute in the areas of cosmetic dentistry, dental worn dentitions and implants and continues to seek out the latest dental innovations to offer her patients the best treatment outcomes possible.


When not in the clinic, she enjoys watching documentaries on any – and all – subjects, getting together with family and friends and building up her endurance to hopefully complete her first marathon race before her 50th birthday!

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